A bowl of simmering dashi packed with mushrooms, radish and spinach, crowned by a seared salmon fillet, alongside its natural partner - Japanese saké, available from Saké Boutique. The jewel-like marine blue bottles selected by the sake brewers to accentuate the special sake within. 

Clothed in its distinctive turquoise label, the Koshi no Kanbai Junmai Ginjo “Sai” opens demurely with soft aromas of melon and custard fruit and is a story of three exquisitely balanced parts. An elegant, smooth first sip gracefully embraces the developing umami, before finishing on a clean and crisp note. The savoury depths of the soup stock merging with the delicious sake on the palate.

Inaba Shuzo’s Stella Junmai Daiginjo is a sophisticated package which entices you with the scent of the tropics -frangipani, lily and rambutan and silky, soft berry flavours. Its super smooth texture and gentle, sweet fruitiness are a great counterpoint to the rich salmon flavours in this dish and the saline edge of the dashi. Stella has a clean short finish which sets you up for another spoonful brimming with the tastes of Japan. 

Featured in the picture
Koshino Kanbai Sai Junmai GInjo
Stella Junmai Daiginjo Muroka


Serves 2

800ml water
2 bags Fushino (Instant) Dashi 
1 tbsp. soy sauce
150gm mixed mushrooms (shitake, king, oyster, enoki etc.)
3 radishes, finely sliced
100gm baby spinach leaves
1 tbsp. oil
200gm salmon fillets, skinless
1 tsp. togarashi seasoning (optional) 
Sesame oil to finish



1. Prepare the dashi by bringing 800ml water to a simmer. Add 2 Dashi sachets.

Simmer for 4-5 minutes then remove the sachets and discard. Add the soy sauce, mushrooms, radish and spinach to the dashi broth and simmer for 4 minutes or until mushrooms have softened.

2. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a medium fry pan on medium heat. Sear the salmon fillets until desired doneness.

3. To serve, arrange vegetables in the base of 2 serving bowls. Add the warm dashi broth and top with the cooked salmon. Add a sprinkle of togarashi and a drizzle of sesame oil to finish. Enjoy with a glass of your favourite Sake.