While share some of our delectable recipes with you, we will also be teaching and making recommendations on pairing cuisines with Japanese saké. You'll be able to find some rare and exceptional saké from our subsidiary online retail store sakeboutique.com.au so you can elevate your dining and home entertaining experience.

Saké isn’t just designed for sushi. Because of its seemingly endless variabilities across brewing methods, filtering, ageing techniques and serving temperatures, saké is an incredibly versatile libation, and perfect for pairing with Australia’s melting pot of global cuisines.

When creating a saké-food pairing, the goal is to arrive at a sensory experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. Each component should enhance the other while maintaining its individual integrity.

There are myriad ways to pair saké with food. But a basic rule of thumb is to complement ‘like with like’ when working with dominant flavour profiles. Alternatively, focus on two contrasting elements, like balancing richness with acidity.

Saké is also unique in the beverage world because it can be served at a wide range of temperatures—from super chilled or room-temperature to hot (like a Boss Black coffee straight from the vending machine in winter) or warm (like a calming onsen for your insides). Matching the temperature of saké to that of a dish can further enhance the overall umami factor.